CashBack is a practice which offers the opportunity to withdraw cash from POS devices of businesses, by using bank cards.

In you make purchases worth at least 10 TL by using VISA Electron, Maestro or domestic bank cards with special logos, you can withdraw cash up to 100 TL, without industry constraints.

CashBack is convenient as it meets the cash needs of card holders during shopping. Also it saves them time by making the process of withdrawing cash easier where there are no or few ATMs.

How Does CashBack Work?

The card is inserted into POS device and purchasing transaction with a bank card is given a start.

If PosPara transaction is supported, a message is displayed in the POS screen: “Would you like to make a PosPara transaction?”

If you do not wish to withdraw cash, the transaction takes places as a bank card purchasing transaction.

If you wish to withdraw cash,”Yes” button should be pressed and the amount to be withdrawn should be typed. Then, the passcode of the bank card is typed and the transaction is approved.

One slip showing the transaction approved in POS device, purchasing amount and cash amount is given and the amount withdrawn is delivered to the customer by hand.

Contractual Businesses