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Card Awareness

Today, using a credit card means modernity...

But why and how should we use it?

Please start to drag the website down now to discover these all.

Spend now, pay later

You can do shopping with your credit card without delaying your needs. Moreover, you get the advantage of paying later.

Ensures that you rule the money

You won't face the risk of losing your money or got it stolen when you have carry too much money thanks to credit cards. Furthermore you may not remember where you have spent your cash but you can discipline your spending habits thanks to monthly credit card statements.

Same experience
throughout the world

You can shop and withdraw cash not only in our country but throughout the world.

Using credit card instead of money gives you a more comfortable and lean shopping experience.

A friend in need

When you have economic difficulties, credit card
supports you by providing an advantage to pay later.

So your life standard does not decrease. Thanks to the advantage of withdrawing cash, you won't be required to request debt from any person
when you are in an urgent need of money.

You make use of opportunities and save time

Thanks to ordering online or via mail/phone, you can purchase tickets for flights, trains, buses, concerts, matches, theaters and movies or purchase various services and ask the tickets to be delivered to your home.

Biggest weapon in challenging with informal economy

Credit cards decreases the amount of cash being circulated and ensures that economic activities are registered. So, tax revenues are increased. Each 1,000 TL spent by credit cards instead of cash increases tax revenues by 20 TL.

Grows the economy and creates new business opportunities

Each 1,000 TL spent by credit cards increases GDP by 0.0142 TL. The growing economy brings together new business opportunities and prevents unemployment.

Furthermore, since the transaction cost of cards is one third less than the transaction cost of cash, the economy is unburdened from papers and a contribution is made to overall GDP.

Inflation decreases

Shopping with credit card has an effect of decreasing the inflation. While the increase in money supply also increases the inflation by 0.17, credit card expenditures decreases the inflation by 0.017 during the same period.

Business volume increases

Member merchants have an opportunity to increase their potential customers. They can sell their products and services also to customers, who do not carry cash at that moment. While they are having an opportunity to collect their receivables in cash in a very short period, they get rid off the burden and risk of keeping too many idle money in their vaults.

What you should do when your card is lost or stolen?

Call and inform your bank immediately and request your card to be canceled. Save the phone numbers of your bank to your phone in order to call your bank quickly in such urgent cases.

What you should do when your card is lost or stolen?

If your identity card, driver's license, passport, etc. were also lost or stolen with your credit cards, you must certainly inform police or prosecutor's office and have an official report, issued by them, in order to prevent fake applications.

What you should do when your card is lost or stolen?

In such cases, your responsibility is limited with 150 TL of expenditures that were made out of your knowledge until 24 hours before your notification. If you want, you can make an insurance for this risk from your bank.

What you should do when your card is lost or stolen?

If your card is retained by ATM, you must immediately apply to the branch or your bank. Never accept the offers of other persons to help you there.

Warnings against card fraudulences

Your card PIN and details are only under your responsibility

Do not select your birth date, identity card number or any other easily guessable number, such as 1234, as your PIN. Never share your card PIN with anyone, including the bank's staff. Never write down your card PIN to anywhere. Instead, you can memorize it and minimize your risk.

Your card PIN and details are only under your responsibility

Banks never perform any PIN related transaction via e-mail. Never share your PIN and personal details with the persons, who are claiming that he/she is calling you from the bank. Avoid shopping with your credit card at websites other than secure ones or with the computers that do not belong to you, such as web caf├ęs.

Your card PIN and details are only under your responsibility

Be sure that you have received your credit/debit card back after you made your payment at a POS machine and check that the details on the slip that you are going to sign are correct.

Your card PIN and details are only under your responsibility

Destroy your expired credit card after erasing its number and making it not possible to be used by anyone. If your new credit card does not arrive until the specified date, it might be stolen. Call your bank immediately and ask the status of your card. After your card is delivered by courier companies, never give your card back to any person that has introduced himself as a courier for any reason.

Your card PIN and details are only under your responsibility

Sufficiency of credit card number and expiry date for shopping online or for selling via mail/phone, which does not require consumers to be physically available for shopping and which does not require to swipe credit cards through the POS device, (a shopping service, offering products and services to credit card users via newspapers, brochures, television and catalogues) creates a significant risk of fraudulence. If you are shopping through these channels, prefer reliable companies.

Protect your identity

Be careful against knowledge thieves that may try to search your waste bins. Tear the documents that contain personal details, such as account statements, bank slips, ATM slips, credit card applications or their copies, insurance forms, credit offers, that you will junk so as to ensure that they cannot be read. Furthermore do not leave documents that contain your personal details at places that everyone can reach easily.

Protect your identity

Be careful during account statement periods. If your account statements are not arriving on time, follow them up from your bank. Any credit card statement that you have not received might be stolen by an identity thief or an identity thief might have changed your address.

Your personal (private) details must not be shared in social media applications, the security settings of applications must be defined properly, you must be very careful and selective for the persons that you don't know but you are going to add to your account, and you must not open the links in suspicious messages since they can spread viruses. Operating systems of computers, tablets or smartphones that you are using must be updated and they must certainly be protected with a firewall.

Warnings for Account Statements and Payments

Keep your slips until you receive account statement. Compare your account statements and slips and contact immediately with your bank if there is any transaction that does not belong to you.

Warnings for Account Statements and Payments

If your account statement does not arrive due to a delay in postal services, you should issue an order to your bank for regular submission of your credit card account statement to an e-mail or fax number in order not to skip any payment. You should also note down your last payment date without waiting to receive your account statement and pay at least minimum payment amount until the payment date. If you already have an automatic payment instruction for the said debt, you should have enough balance in your account to ensure that the instructed payment is made.

Warnings for Account Statements and Payments

If you need, you can use your credit card also to withdraw money. However interest is accrued for withdrawn cash. These interests vary between the banks and both interest rate and interest calculation method are explained to consumers in credit card statements.

Warnings for Account Statements and Payments

No commission is required to be paid to use credit cards in member merchants of Visa and MasterCard. If you encounter with such a request, you certainl must not pay any additional fee and notify Customer Services Department of the credit card issuer bank in written and give the name and address of that merchant.

You can use Customer Service departments of the banks, which provide service for 7x24, for your problems related with credit cards and debts.

Pay Attention to the Following when Shopping Online

When you are shopping online, security of the website must be ensured by national/international certificates. Also your card must be issued by a bank, which is a member of security system of national/international card institutions.

Pay Attention to the Following when Shopping Online

Even the bank's logo and name is being used, you must not reply to e-mails and websites that are requesting your personal details. It might be risky to download files with extensions, such as .exe, .com, .vbs, .jpeg from unsecure websites.

You must install an antivirus software to your computer, at which you use your credit card, as a precaution against virus threats that are increasing in virtual world.

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