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What is NFC?

Near Field Communication - NFC is a short range contactless technology standard designed for two electronic devices to communicate safely and easily.

NFC makes life easier!

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No more searching for a card in your wallet thanks to the mobile phones with NFC.

On your mobile phone with NFC; you can keep several cards like debit card or credit card and use them on every contact-free payment spots. You can trust NFC since all your transactions are protected by a password and it can be turned off remotely in case of lost/stolen circumstances.

Access Controls

You can upload your contact-free card that you use on the turnstiles at work on your NFC compatible mobile phone and pass through by drawing your phone near to the terminals.


You’ll discover the speed and easiness on public transportation with your NFC compatible mobile phone.

By uploading your public transportation card on your NFC compatible mobile phone, you continue to make use of the advantages of your card and also you can arrive anywhere you want by only carrying your mobile phone. Moreover, you can check your remaining balance and add money to your card without the need of the card loading units.


You can buy tickets electronically with your NFC compatible mobile phone.

By this means, the only thing you need is to take your mobile phone with you on your way to a game. You can enter the stadium by showing the ticket on your mobile phone and you can buy food and drink from the contact-free spots at the snack bars.

Vending Machines

You can make a payment by drawing your mobile phone near to the vending machine after you choose the product you want.

Data Exchange

It’s so easy to exchange business cards
at the job interviews with NFC.

You can share business card information by
drawing two NFC compatible mobile phones closer.

Parking meters

After you park your car, you can make your payment by
drawing your NFC compatible mobile phone near to the contact-free spot.

Display and Advertising Services

You can benefit from a product or a service defined on the tag by drawing your NFC compatible mobile phone near to the NFC tag.

For instance, you can win a coffee coupon from a coffe shop or you can download a song of your favorite band on your phone with a NFC tag on a smart poster. Your NFC compatible mobile phone assists you on your trip. You can get information in any language at the tourist kiosks and you can learn about all the exhibitions before you even step in to the museum.

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