Contactless Payments

Contactless Payments

Contactless Payment technology is developed to make payments fast, easy and also secure.

You can make contactless payments by holding your contactless card to POS devices with contactless reader. Contactless payments are approved in less than a second and they are performed through communication between the antenna located on the card chip and the built-in contactless reader located in the POS device through radio frequency waves. Contactless technology also enables to make payments with devices that have NFC feature, like your smart phone. You can find more information on our “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

You can quickly, easily, and securely pay contactless without entering a PIN up to 50 TL. For contactless payments higher than 50 TL, you have to key your card’s PIN onto the POS device’s pinpad; but your payments are completed just as easily and again without your card ever leaving your hand. You can find more information on how to make contactless payments on our “How to pay with Contactless” page.

You can locate merchants who accept contactless payments either by the signs directing to contactless payment placed on their street displays, doors, shop windows or by looking for the contactless wave symbol or «contactless» statement on the POS device.

You can make your payments at these locations with your contactless cards, or with devices that support payments using NFC. You can find more information about contactless payment locations, on our “Contactless payment locations” page.

We invite you to contact your Bank in order to obtain a contactless card and begin taking advantages of contactless shopping. Please make sure take a look at our “Benefits of contactless shopping” page before your next card application!