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Money 20/20 Konferansı’ndan önemli notlar


25-28 Ekim tarihleri arasında Las Vegas’da düzenlenen 3.000’den fazla şirketin 550 konuşmacıyla katıldığı 10.000 kişinin ziyaret ettiği Money 20/20’de mobil ödemeler, ApplePay, biyometri, blockchain ve fintech konuları  ön plandaydı.

Money 20/20’de öne çıkan konuları aşağıdaki başlıklar halinde özetleyebiliriz.


    • Chase’in ApplePay’e rakip olarak çıkardığı ChasePay ürünü
    • Visa’nın tokenization servisini e-ticarete de yaygınlaştırması ( Visa CheckOut’ta tokenization kullanması, kart saklayan işyerlerine bu hizmeti vermesi)
    • Visa’nın elin üstünü okutarak ödeme yaptırması
    • Facebook’un ödeme ile ilgili yeni fonksiyonları üzerinde çalışması
    • MasterCard’ın selfie ile ödeme yaptırması (identity check)
    • MasterCard GM, CapitalOne,NXP ve Qualcomm ile işbirliği yaparak araba anahtarlığından yüzüğe pek çok nesne ile ödeme yaptırmak için çalışmalara başlaması
    • ApplePay’ın loyalty’ye ve convenience’ı geliştirmeye odaklanması
    • Xapo’nun Bitcoin debit card üzerinde çalışması
    • Nasdaq’ın yeni blockchain platformu Linq


Öne çıkan konularda fintech gurularından Dijital Bankacılık kitabı yazarı Chris Skinner’ın tweet’lerini sizler için derledik.

Keyifli okumalar dileriz.


  • NFC was Not For Commerce until Apple committed. Now For Convenience
  • Samsung and Android are always playing catch up as Apple iPhone7 will enhance to Apple Pay 2.0 #money2020
  • Well just move to PNP fraud (Phone Not Present) #money2020
  • Tokenisation, tokenisation, tokenisation … TOKENS will solve all of our future security issues (yea, right) #money2020
  • “Apple don’t need a loyalty program to drive loyalty” … I guess, because their fans are blindly loyal to them anyway #money2020
  • Who controls the Apple Pay data? The retailer. Getting who sold what to whom for how much in real-time. #money2020
  • Apple Pay now moving into focus on integrating loyalty and improving convenience #money2020
  • We’re going to see issuing bank tokenisation, and that will probably become focus for consumer as their #1 concern is security
  • BestBuy a founder and still committed to MCX. But if customer wants to use Apple or Samsung Pay, so be it #money2020
  • People forget Apple Pay usage is two areas: consumer & merchant #money2020 … no good if consumer wants to use but merchant won’t accept
  • MasterCard has seen 109% increase in Apple Pay use since launch #money2020


  • “The infrastructure for financial services will change dramatically over the next decade.” Bob Greifeld, CEO Nasdaq #money2020
  • In Fintech if you think you can go through life without a regulatory mandate is misguided #money2020 #Nasdaq
  • Liquidity and tax structures are the two other use case areas Nasdaq is looking at next for Blockchain developments
  • The blockchain allows me to trade and trust in you without knowing you.” Nasdaq CEO #money2020
  • Blockchain will fundamentally alter the financial structure.” NASDAQ CEO Bob Greifeld #money2020
  • Nasdaq is a technology company and then a financial technology company… Our business has technology at its core.” CEO Nasdaq #money2020
  • Anyone who thinks they can keep their data to themselves won’t survive. You need to open it up to APIs and leverage it. #money2020
  • SMEs get >$100k at 9.6% p.a. as line of credit through #Alibaba and #InlandMicro, funded by @LendingClub (not term loan) #money2020
  • #HomeAdvisor partner with @LendingClub to offer home improvement loans (avg $12,000). Claim spend of $100m p.a. on building brand #money2020
  • -In last 8 years, @LendingClub has enabled $11bn in funding #money2020 and now covering SMEs and consumers
  • Loved talking to @Chris_Skinner #money2020 about his new book #valueweb coming out soon
  • Banks are going to lose their customer relationship because @getMoven and others do it better @brettking #money2020


  • JPMorgan Chase says it is building a rival to Apple Pay http://reut.rs/1MPtplG  via Reuters

Mobile Payment

  • #BusinessInsider surveyed 1500 millennials on view of banking. Q1: do you use branches? 60% do but not often #money2020
  • Millennials access banking on smartphone most often, but on laptop for ‘doing stuff’ #money2020
  • Half of millennials would like to stop using cash #money2020
  • Why do you feel more secure using a card with all your details and numbers clearly visible than an invisible mobile payment? #money2020
  • Biggest barrier to mobile wallet adoption is SECURITY, according to GPShopper #Money2020
  • Biggest barrier to mobile wallet adoption is phone battery life apparently #Money2020
  • Apple Pay grew to 11% of cardholders in 4 months then slowed and now 14% after 1 year #money2020
  • Google guy says he hires designers for UX who are collaborative and “check their ego at the door
  • Uber guy says don’t obsess about the user. Obsess about solving the user’s problems.
  • Fingerprint reader will be top security for mobile pay by 2030, say 52% of financial innovators surveyed at @money2020 by @CapitalOne
  • Amazon Payments: On Buy Buttons: “In retail, the customer has all the power. Ultimately, the customer will decide which ones merchants use
  • Mobile payment revenues up from $8bn 2014 to $210bn 2019
  • 3 out of 10 smartphone users (70m Americans) will be making mobile payments at POS by 2019 (35m today) with revenues of $210bn
  • Cash still dominates and mobile a long way to go #money2020 emarketer

Patrick Collison, Stripe on the stage #money2020

  • Future of Stripe? Most people are building ‘cars’ – FinTech products; we are building roads #money2020
  • The card brands may given poor customer experiences, but they had solved a critical issue: making a payment anywhere, anytime #money2020
  • Rather than thinking the incumbents were doing it wrong and we could do it better, Stripe started by working with the card brands
  • Stripe is working with Twitter & Pinterest so you can buy in their apps with a tap. Product is called Relay & no checkout needed
  • tripe succeeded by making transaction easy and layering many services via APIs on top #money2020

Vinod Khosla talking about why he’s invested in Stripe, Square, Chain and many other payment innovators

  • AI and machine learning are changing how we do risk analytics etc; blockchain changing how we pay; and mobile how we relate #money2020
  • Vinod: There’s hardly any area of finance that can’t be innovated, renewed, disrupted or changed today #money2020


  • Xapo predict bitcoin will be BIGGER than PayPal by 2020 #money2020
  • The key ‘use case’ for the blockchain is to make bitcoin work as a currency
  • bitcoin will put pressure on bank margins, especially for X-border payments, as it’s basically a cheaper faster payments system
  • Xapo working on a bitcoin debit card. Challenge is how to process tx in seconds
  • -Xapo see bitcoin debit card success in volatile economies (Argentina, Brazil, Russia, etc) #money2020
  • -The problem is that legislators are trying to fit cryptocurrency regulations into the same box as money transmission regulation #money2020
  • There have been 22 applications for the bitlicence in NYC and usually accompanied with app for a money transmission license too #money2020