BKM Express Campaign (2013)

BKM Express Campaign (2013)

Launched in late 2012, BKM Express has gained admission by a wide segment, ranging from young to old, from frequent online shoppers to persons that avoided from online shopping until meeting with BKM Express.

BKM has initiated”BKM Express Gift Score” campaign for the cardholders that have not met or found an opportunity to meet with the national digital wallet, BKM Express, in order to help them in experiencing the privilege of BKM Express.

Not only the current users of BKM Express but also the new members had an opportunity to benefit from the campaign, which gives 15 TL bonus to first online shopping of BKM Express members that is higher than 75 TL between December 3 – 31, 2013, of BKM Express, which allow its members to shop online easily, quickly and securely even without providing their card details and taking their cards out of their wallets.

TV, radio, movies and online channels were used effectively throughout the communication campaign, in which the main advantages of BKM Express and the campaign benefits were communicated.

• Please click to watch the ad. (December 2013)
• Please click to listen the jingle. (December 2013)