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Top Management


General Manager & Deputy General Managers

Baran Aytaş – General Manager

Baran Aytaş graduated from Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Engineering in 2009. He received his master’s degree in finance from Özyeğin University in 2015.

Aytaş, who started his career in payment systems and software development in 2010, has worked in start-up and financial technology companies such as Wirecard, Tmob and P1M1. He led Turkey’s first mobile wallet development, as well as mobile payments and mobile banking applications. Joining the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey in 2017, Aytaş undertook important tasks in the Central Bank’s strategic technologies in the fields of Machine Learning, Big Data, Digital Lira R&D and TR-QR payments.

He led the activities of the Central Bank in the field of Open Banking at the General Directorate of Financial Innovation. He represented the Central Bank in international financial institutions as a member of the “Cross-Border Payments” and “Future of Payments” working groups in the field of financial technologies of the Bank for International Settlements.

Baran Aytaş is the General Manager of the Interbank Card Center.


Bora Koç – Deputy General Manager

Bora Koç graduated from Gebze Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Engineering in 2012. He continues his master’s degree at Bahçeşehir University, Department of Business Administration.

Starting his career in software development in the financial sector in 2012, Koç worked at Yapı Kredi Bank, Migros and Borsa İstanbul, respectively. Leading big data, financial analysis and data analysis projects in these institutions, Koç joined the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey in 2018. Working as a manager in the General Directorate of Data Governance and Statistics within the CBRT, Koç pioneered the implementation of projects in the fields of big data, payments and machine learning. These projects, which are implemented as data science and engineering applications, are used as early warning systems and decision support mechanisms. Bora Koç also undertook important duties in public joint data governance and analysis processes.

Bora Koç is the Deputy General Manager of the Interbank Card Center.


Mehmet Bülent Muşlu – Deputy General Manager

Mehmet Bülent Muşlu graduated from Istanbul Technical University Computer Engineering Department in 1991. He received his master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Istanbul Technical University in 1993.

Having corporate and international senior management and consultancy experience in different sectors in information technologies, Muşlu has successfully performed important tasks in many projects that are still being used in Turkey. He joined the Interbank Card Center in 2012, following the projects he carried out in various banks in the finance sector.

In addition to his IT duties, he contributes to the sector by sharing his experiences in Information Security, IT Risk and Compliance with informative articles and training courses. He has IT Management, Information Security, Business Continuity and Card System audit certificates, and Ethical Hacker license since 2017.

Mehmet Bülent Muşlu is the Deputy General Manager of the Interbank Card Center.