Secure Online Shopping

Secure Online Shopping

The cardholder authentication in e-commerce transactions builds trust both for the cardholders and the merchants. The merchants are on the safe side against fraud attempts and the cardholders are feeling secure as they are sure about the transactions belong to them and made from a bona fide merchant,  by checking out the transaction amount and the merchant name from the SMS or push notification sent to their mobile devices.

GO – Güvenli Öde

GO Güvenli Öde is the cardholder authentication system developed by BKM for domestic transactions in Turkey. The authentication process is similar to 3D Secure.

3D Secure

EMVCo developed and maintains the EMV 3DS Specifications for increasing security protocols in e-commerce transactions. (EMVCo is the body established by American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa to create international standards and specifications in payment.)

These card schemes name their 3D Secure systems separately and also use specific logos used in web sites and authentication pages. American Express uses “SafeKey”, Discover uses “ProtectBuy”, JCB uses “J/Secure”, Mastercard uses “Identity Check” and Visa uses “Visa Secure” for their 3D Secure systems.