Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

  • BKM Express

    Pay Online
    BKM Express is a secure payment system, developed jointly by BKM, Members and e-commerce companies that accelerates and facilitates online shopping. Cardholders that are registered to BKM Express can make online shopping easily and securely without sharing their card details with the merchants.
    Mobile Payment with BKM Express:
    BKM Express’ mobile application makes it possible to pay mobile easily and quickly without providing card details when shopping from mobile applications of e-commerce merchants.
    Money Transfer with BKM Express:
    Thanks to iOS and Android compatible mobile applications of BKM Express, registered members can transfer money to any mobile phone number or card number by 7/24.

  • TechPOS
    TechPOS is the service that allows new generation of Payment Recording Devices (PRDs) that have EFT-POS feature or external EFT-POS connection to connect to all member organizations that do accept card and have joined the project through POS application that has been developed by the manufacturer according to the specifications provided by BKM as per the provisions of the Law on the Requirement of Value Added Taxpayers to Use Payment Recording Devices, no. 3100, and applicable legislations. Thanks to this service, our members can establish merchant relationship with taxpayers, who are the customers of PRD manufacturers, and accept cards through a single application.
  • GO Güvenli Öde

    GO Güvenli Öde : GO Güvenli Öde is the system that provides cardholder authentication ability to all  schemes’ cards for e-commerce transactions.
    For cardholders: with GO Güvenli Öde, you can enter your card number in an e-commerce merchant’s  payment page, click “Buy” button and enter your OTP sent to your mobile to GO Güvenli Öde authentication page and complete your transaction securely.   
    For merchants: with GO Güvenli Öde’s secure infrastructure, you can flag your transactions as secure. GO Güvenli Öde is provided by BKM members (acquiring institutions), please contact your acquiring institution for further details. 

  • Tokenization and Collection

    Tokenization and Collection
    Tokenization is a system developed by BKM to allow the card data to be safely stored and process the payment without actual bank details being exposed.
    The purpose of the system is to increase the security in payment card industry and ensure compliance with the security standards of the channels which card data is shared and stored in.
    Who can benefit from the service
    Merchants, BKM members and other organizations in card payment sector can have access to this service for themselves or allow the third parties to use the service.
    Service functions  
    Because of the security reasons, tokenization is offered together with collection, cancellation and return services via Virtual POS. Credit, debit, prepaid cards and both individual & commercial cards can be stored and collection can be made according to the preferred number of installments. Virtual POS service is not provided within the scope of this service, it is required to sign a member merchant agreement with the acquirer banks or organizations accepting the card.
    Advantages of the service
    The party that benefits from card storage service
    • does not change the existing financial and business model with the banks that accept cards.
    • increases the successful collection rate.
    • reduces operational costs.
    • does not need to get the consumer’s full card information.
    • does not store card information in IT systems.
    • can rapidly adapt the PCI DSS data security standards.
    • manages all collections from a secure platform.
    Remuneration and Integration
    The institutions and organizations benefiting from this service are charged by BKM on a plan designed in accordance with the cost-based p policy and revised annually. The details of the remuneration and integration are stated in the service contract.