Operations and Technology Committee

The Operations and Technology Committee has been established with the aim to constitute the common standards and rules between the banks that carry on business of card payment systems in the domestic market, to prepare the specification, procedure and regulations pertaining to the card payment system and to follow up the technological developments and laydown the conditions of application in the domestic market.

Market Development Committee

The Market Development Committee has been established with the aim to develop projects in relation to card payment systems aimed at increasing the card demand, expanding and encouraging card utilization by the card holders, to make market researches, arrange training activities, and to prepare the communication materials for the associated merchants of the BKM member banks. The Market Development Committee performs further works for expanding the market of the merchants which accept creditcards as means of payment and for directing the advertisement campaigns andpress announcements to be made for this purpose.

Business Development Committee

The Business Development Committee has been established with the aim to constitute the scope and standards of new services,applications, products and technologies for BKM member banks, to analyze, to prepare strategy, project plan and feasibility reports, to follow up the technological developments within the payment system industry and to present reports to the Executive Board.

Security Committee

The Security Committee has been established for the purpose of providing preventive solutions against counterfeit/ fraudrelated to card payment system in Turkey, setting the security measures, and contributing to the legal arrangements, standards, specifications, rules, procedures and regulations to be executed for this purpose and continuing and strengthening the relations with the General Directorate of Public Security.

Chargeback Rules And Arbitration Committee

The Chargeback Rules and Arbitration Committee has been established with the aim to follow the recent changes in chargeback rules, procedures and regulations of international payment systems and determine their effects on chargeback operations of domestic payment systems. In specific terms of chargeback, the committee is responsible for making domestic rules, specifications, procedures and guides, creating chargeback rules for upcoming products and services.

Also works as an arbitration committee in domestic customer disputes, analyses the arbitration cases (for both credit and debit cards) occurring between two members upon the application of one member and make a decision for financial responsibility according to BKM/ Visa/ MasterCard rules.

ATM Committee

The ATM Committee has been established with the aim to create a new scope and make standards for existing ATM Platform’s core operational principles for debit cards. The ATM Platform Committee is responsible for pricing between banks for the transactions, evaluating& analyzing marketing, business development and security issues for the ATM Platform, developing new applications, analyzing customer needs (both banks and cardholders) and making new transaction flows.

Arbitration Committee

Arbitration Committee is the Committee to which Members can apply for disputes that couldn’t be solved through dispute resolution process.