Other Services

Other Services

  • Closest ATM and ATM Geocoding Service

    An application that displays ATMs, which are notified by our members to BKM, on the map through mobile devices and Internet network together with their addresses and GPS details. Approximate locations of users are determined through their mobile devices and they are directed to the closest ATM or branch. ATM coordinates of BKM members are calculated and shared and the data needed for Closest ATM application are provided through ATM Geocoding Service.

  • Marketing Activities
    BKM performs various activities to inform and raise the awareness of card users and merchants in Card Payment Systems by creating joint platforms.
    Parties of Card Payment Systems do not only meet but also share their knowledge with each other during the trainings, seminars and various sponsorship activities, organized periodically.
    • Training
    • Websites
    • Promotional Activities

  • Test and Certification Service
    This service is provided to make the software, which are used by members to receive services from BKM, compatible with BKM’s systems and rules and to identify and solve problems without any need to make changes in actual environments of members.

  • Arbitration Committee
    Arbitration Committee is the Committee to which Members can apply for disputes that couldn’t be solved through dispute resolution process.

  • BKM Helpdesk
    BKM Helpdesk is an application that is used to track and solve the problems that are reported by members.