BKM Express

BKM Express

What is BKM Express?

BKM Express is a digital wallet that makes online shopping fast, easy and joyful, developed by BKM, banks and leading companies of e-commerce area. Card owners can shop without sharing any card information online by saving their cards on BKM Express. The places of business that accept card on e-commerce websites can approach more customers as a Member Place of Business of BKM Express.

What does BKM Express offer you?

  • You shop easily without typing your card information.
  • You make your transactions fast without having to carry your card with you.
  • You complete your shopping safely with the password you create.
  • You can do installments and continue to win prizes and points.


How to sign up?

  • Open “BKM Express” account with your e-mail address and a password that you will create.
  • Define your card information on the step of Card Information.
  • Finish the process of adding your card with the confirmation code that will be sent to your mobile phone number that is registered at your bank.


How do you shop?

  • Be a member of BKM Express.
  • Choose “Pay with BKM Express” section on the payment page of the place of business.
  • Enter with your user name and password on the BKM Express page that comes up.
  • After choosing your card and payment method, approve the process with the confirmation code sent to your mobile phone that is registered at your bank.


How can you send money?

  • You can send money via BKM Express iPhone and Android apps. Enter thecard number that you want to send money by using “Send Money” option on the app.
  • You can send money to the card that and provide the receiver to withdraw money at an ATM.
  • Later you can finish your payment transaction by identifying the card that you’ll send the money, payment method and the amount.


Click for more information www.bkmexpress.com.tr