Public Debt Collection Solutions

Public Debt Collection Solutions

Solutions for collections of public debts allow Public Entities to connect to BKM members’ systems from a single point and collect the receivables through banking cards.

  • Transportation Service

    Konya Transportation Service
    “Konya Transportation Project”, implemented by BKM in collaboration with Konya Metropolitan Municipality, allows to use all domestic and foreign contactless credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards in buses and trams of Konya.

  • Payment Gateway

    • The infrastructure that enables the Social Security Institution and the e-Government Gateway website ( to receive card payments quickly and securely.
    • The Government Payment Gateway infrastructure is developed for Social Security Institution payments. With the advancement of institutions’ technological infrastructure and the provision of online collection solutions, The Government Payment Gateway has become an option for all institutions wishing to receive payments through the e-Government Gateway website(
    • Currently, through the BKM Government Payment Gateway infrastructure, intermediation is provided for the collection of payments for government institutions and municipalities.