NFC and Application Areas

NFC and Application Areas


Near Field Communication (NFC) is a near field contactless communication technology standard, designed for easy, simple and secure communication of two electronic devices.

Payment via NFC
Several cards, such as debit and credit cards, can be stored at mobile phones, so instead of selecting a card from your wallet and giving it to the cashier for payment, you can dial the card you want by your mobile phone and make your payment by approaching your phone to contactless terminal.

Easy Pass Through Turnstiles
When you are going to your office, you can approach your NFC compliant mobile phone to terminal instead of using a different card.

NFC in Transportation Payments
NFC will help you to continue to benefit from the advantages of your card, which you have uploaded to your mobile phone, and to reach anywhere you want by only carrying your mobile phone instead of carrying different cards for public transportation.

All Your Tickets in Your NFC Compatible Device
You can purchase and use your tickets electronically by your NFC compliant mobile phones. You can show the ticket in your mobile phone to enter the stadium and purchase your food and beverages from the buffets at any time by using contactless terminals.

Payment at Vending Machines via NFC
After selecting the products that you want, you can approach your mobile phone to make the payment.

Data Exchange
Exchanging business cards during a meeting is very easy via NFC. You can get two NFC compliant mobile phones closer and exchange your business card details.

NFC Convenience at Parking Meters
After you parked your car, you can approach your mobile phone to contactless terminals to make the payment via NFC.

Promotion and Advertisement with NFC
You can approach your NFC compliant mobile phone to NFC tag to benefit from the service or product, which was already defined to the tag. For example, you can earn a coffee coupon or download a song of your favorite band to your mobile phone from smart posters. Your NFC compliant mobile phone can be your assistant during travels; you can retrieve information from tourist kiosks in any language you want and learn which exhibitions will be displayed at which museum before entering in.